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The right solution for every requirement.

Our customers about sellify.

Our customers about sellify

One software for all industries and every requirement? Nothing is easier than that - with sellify! A multitude of functions, that make your daily work easier are already included in the standard scope of sellify. Additional functions for your specific customer requirements can be added in a modular fashion and supplemented by individually developed extensions. This way, you get a software that is tailored to your needs and gives you a clear competitive advantage. See for yourself and find out how sellify makes our customers' everyday life even more effective.

Telecommunications: sellify connects.

Our demands on networking and connectivity are constantly increasing. For the telecommunications industry, this means reacting quickly to the new needs of an increasingly digital world. Find out how sellify has been helping telecommunications service providers to optimally connect people all over the world for years.

Customer report from NetCologne

Customer report from dtms

Finances: investing in the future with sellify.

Good services and advice form the basis for a relationship of trust between customer and financial services provider. This is why our customers have been swearing by sellify for many years when it comes to organizing and processing financial contracts and customer management.

Customer report from abcfinance

Customer report from DICP

Consulting: well advised with sellify

A DSGVO-compliant on-premise software that enables systemic work and eliminates analog steps Sales: these were the most important requirements of our customer from the consulting sector

Customer report from Thesen

Handicraft: sellify puts wood behind the arrow.

Efficient staff planning is of the utmost importance, especially in the skilled trades sector. Our customers use sellify to always keep track of upcoming deadlines, to coordinate employees ideally and to document executed activities centrally in sellify.

Customer report from MT Müller

Media technology: it's clear.

With the flood of digital enquiries in media technology, it is often not easy to keep track. With sellify, our customers can organize all orders in a clearly structured way, that is comprehensible for everyone. Thanks to individually adapted sellify interfaces to online shops or ERP systems, processing speed and accuracy are also significantly increased.

Customer report from fbMEDIA

Trade: we do business.

For years, our customers have been relying on sellify for the perfect sales organization. Contact data, emails, phone calls, orders or appointments of customers and suppliers are stored centrally and are thus accessible for all employees at any time. This way, even complex administrative tasks can be coordinated effectively and long-term sales success can be guaranteed.

Customer report from Aldisplays

Food industry: sellify cleans up the shop.

Our Dr. Oetker customers have got a taste for it: with sellify, they have opted for a software that enables long-term tracking of consumer data and optimal visitor support. This has made the employees' daily work easier and the cross-departmental flow of information considerably improved.

Customer report from Dr. Oetker

IT security: play it safe

Especially when working with sensitive data, a sure instinct is required. To ensure a smooth and secure process, it is particularly important to establish a system, that is as well protected as possible against external attacks. Since sellify is not based on a cloud solution for data storage, the software is ideally suited for companies with high data protection requirements.

Customer report from secunet