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With sellify and Sharp you eliminate the paper chaos.

sellify//easyScan allows you to digitize, archive and delegate the processing of documents in just one simple step! Thanks to the "Full text search" function, you can find documents in sellify quickly and easily by keyword. In this way, you can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of your collaboration.

Sharp: Be Original.

Sharp is a pioneer when it comes to the exchange of digital information within companies. The primary objective of Sharp Business Systems is the development of products and solutions that offer high benefits in everyday business life. To this end, Sharp has developed the "My Integrated Office" concept. This concept enables companies and organisations to simplify collaboration by networking a wide range of products and software applications, making it the perfect platform for capturing and exchanging information and all associated collaborative processes.

sellify: Nothing is easier than that.

With sellify, information can be organized, documents managed digitally and task management optimized. Sophisticated functions and intuitive user interfaces ensure a rapid increase in performance and adaptability. The product idea "sellify" originates from business//acts GmbH, a creative and service-oriented Cologne-based software manufacturer. Since 2005, business//acts GmbH has been selling software products and services as an independent IT service provider and advises and accompanies its customers in the creation, introduction and further development of a tailor-made solution concept.


  • Digitize, archive and delegate documents in a single step
  • Link documents during the scanning process on the Sharp multifunction device (MFP) with information in sellify and define document type and visibility
  • Time saving through automatic document stack separation and allocation of individual stacks on the PC
  • Store documents in a uniform and structured manner
  • Find digitized knowledge quickly
  • Manage follow-ups and activities efficiently

There you go:


Digitize your documents on the Sharp MFP and assign a person in charge, the document type and other information about the organization, person, project or opportunity during the scanning process. Your data is automatically recognized by the Sharp MFP and transferred to sellify.

Batch processing

If you scan several independent operations in one step, the software will automatically detect this. You can conveniently process these independently of each other and assign them to users using a software on the PC. This saves you a lot of time.

Full text search

Find your documents again by entering any term you want to search for in sellify in the "Full text search". All documents containing this term will be displayed in the result.

Find documents with sellify and Sharp

With sellify//easyScan you have the paper chaos in the office under control once and for all - your documents are clearly sorted, digitized and, thanks to "Full-text search", can be found again in no time at all. Don't you think so? Then test it for yourself here.