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Release Notes

Learn more about the latest sellify feature highlights

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Release Notes

The latest sellify functional highlights in detail

sellify Release Notes

On this page you can learn more about the latest feature highlights.

Information about the tickets implemented in each sellify version can also be found here.

sellify eVa (Automation Server)

The new version of sellify eVa (Automation Server) is now an integral part of sellify. With it, actions can be defined that are executed once or periodically in an automated manner. For example, regularly required reports can be created fully automatically and sent to desired recipients. The scheduler also gives sellify users the option of being able to react automatically to states or changes in state within sellify, but also from third-party systems.

In the first expansion stage of sellify eVa (Automation Server), result lists can be automatically generated from the Find function in the form of Excel lists and these result reports can optionally be archived in sellify, stored in network drives or made available to specific persons via e-mail.



Batch processing

Save time and steps!

Via a new function group in the context menu, batch editing can be performed for any number of records, including, for example, adjustments to project and organization assignments or activity and document types as well as statuses for selected records.




Keep control of your target achievement!

With the new planning function of sellify, you document the planned sales and deadline targets for your employees. The included reports allow you and your employees to monitor the degree of target achievement at any time based on a target/actual result comparison with different viewing focus.

Planning can be done for different sales and activity types, as well as for individual employees or an entire branch.



Opportunity review

Track the progress of your sales pipeline with the new "Opportunity Review" feature keep an even closer eye on it!

As of version 21.5.0, you have full control over the development process of your sales opportunities. For this purpose, the new "Review" criterion is available in the "Opportunities" tab of the Find function. Based on a filter result list, you can see within seconds how these opportunities have changed on a key date you have selected.
Changes to opportunities can be recognized at first glance by highlighting them in color.



Evaluation of documentation guidelines

As of version 21.4.0, you can evaluate all fields from documentation guides. For example, filter your acquisition calls by "decision time" and by "available budget" or complaints by "complaint reason" or "results". This allows you to document and analyze your activities in even greater detail.

For evaluation, the new criterion "Field sets" is available in the Find function in the "Activities" tab. After selecting the desired documentation guide, either the result can be filtered from the associated fields or only the content can be displayed.

Tip: You can directly set a resubmission for the activities in the result via the context menu



Group work basket

Optimize your task organization and collaboration!
Starting with sellify version 21.3.0 you can use the new feature "group worklist", which supports collaborative work even better and makes task processing from different contact channels faster. All tasks can be assigned to a specific group worklist first. Tasks in the group worklist can be optionally delegated to responsible employees with a due date or taken over independently by the employees. If the person responsible for the task accepts or rejects it, this is documented in the group worklist. Keep track of all open tasks and their processing status at all times!


Quote configurator

With version 21.1.0, the new module sellify QuoteManager can now be licensed. This allows article items to be compiled into quotations and individual quotation documents to be created with just a few clicks.

In the new area "Articles and Prices" in the sellify Admin tool, articles can be maintained with descriptions, images and prices. If desired, multilingual descriptions can also be stored, tags assigned, article groups formed, article lists imported or an article-carrying ERP system connected. In addition, it is possible to create customer or industry-specific price lists and assign different prices to the articles per price list.
Subsequently, one or more price lists can be assigned to the relevant organization. When a new opportunity is created, or at least when a quotation is created, the requested services can be specified in more detail by adding articles. In doing so, the articles can be selected from the price lists stored for the organization and adapted to the specific opportunity. The addition of the individual prices takes place automatically, taking into account the price scales defined for individual articles or individual discounts.
In a sellify document template, the compilation of services under the associated service descriptions is automatically prepared as a Word or PDF document and can then be sent to the customer or prospective customer. The preparation of documents as offer templates is done in the familiar way in the sellify Admin tool.
Depending on requirements, specific offer templates for different service types can also be created and used.

Personal signature as variable for document and email templates

Starting with sellify version 21.1.0, you can store an individual signature for each sellify user in the sellify//admin tool. With the newly added variable "sign", this signature can be integrated into e-mail, document or serial letter templates. This way you can make your written communication even more personal from now on!

PDF conversion and attachment management

As of sellify version 3.20, e-mail templates can contain multiple attachments. In the document dialog, the e-mail attachments can be selected from the file system, the templates saved as information material and additionally from documents archived in sellify. These can now also be sent directly in the document tab by right-clicking as an e-mail, either with or without a template. Attachments from incoming e-mails as well as from e-mail templates are listed in the "Attachments" tab.
If desired, it is now also possible to combine attachments of different file types into one or more PDF files in sellify as required. Individual documents can also be formatted into a PDF file without any further intermediate steps.

Full text search

The search function has been revised with version 3.20 and many helpful functions have been added. From now on, you can display a document preview in the minicard and in the search dialog. In addition, a full text search is now possible. With this you can search not only content from activities, organizations and people, but also from documents.
In sellify//admin you can define further settings for the full-text search, such as switching the indexing service on and off or defining the maximum size of the document content to be indexed. The full-text search can easily be combined with other search criteria, making it even easier for sellify users to find what they are looking for!