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Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“

Sie möchten die Digitalisierung und die standortübergreifende Zusammenarbeit Ihres Unternehmens ausbauen? Das staatliche Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“ unterstützt die Einführung von sellify mit einem Zuschuss von bis zu 50 %, der nicht zurückgezahlt werden muss.

Weitere Informationen
Das Bild zeigt einen aufgeklappten Laptop, auf dem eine sellify Arbeitsoberfläche zu sehen ist Das Bild zeigt einen aufgeklappten Laptop, auf dem eine sellify Arbeitsoberfläche zu sehen ist

sellify software.

The simple solution for digital working environments.

Intuitive. Integrated. Individual.

sellify is the answer to the flood of information in the digital age. With our software solution you can record your entire knowledge about customers, projects, employees and every kind of internal and external communication and retrieve it every time, connect records and thereby optimize your business processes effectively. And as we always focus on the user, sellify provides every information not more than one click away!

The sellify CRM software consists of a base solution and severeal optional modules. This modular system guarantees you an individual requirement-based system. In addition, we offer numerous options for customizing, according to your wishes.

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sellify basic functions.

The sellify software consists of a technical and an operative component. These already contain extensive basic functions, such as document management, contact management, project management, sales controlling, calendar, workflows and many more. Thereby, you achieve the perfect digital working environment that makes your company even more efficient.

More About Functions

sellify//server - the centerpiece of our software.

sellify//server is the technical component of our software solution and is one-time licensed for your company as server licence. It forms the base for the common use of data for all sellify workplaces and their technical organization.

  • sellify//server contains a database for common and overlapping data retention
  • sellify//server grants version management as well as automatic distribution for setups and updates
  • An import module is available for either importing your data one-time or on a regular basis 
  • With a webservice-interface you are allowed to exchange your data with any systems (e.g. ERP)
  • Within the Admin-Tool, administrators are able to administrate all sellify settings, for example access rights for single staff members

sellify - a digital workplace.

sellify is licensed once per workplace. Afterwards, every sellify user has direct access to the full range of our software. This includes:

  • Consistent and GDPR-compliant documentation of business contacts and gathered knowledge regarding those contacts as well as visualization of business relations
  • Document management, including definition of life cycle, categorization with types, search feature, linking between task and follow-up management
  • The consistent administration of a common filing in sellify as well as networkfolders
  • Interfaces between numerous MS Office applications to write and organize documents (incl. emails and many more filetypes), to create follow-ups and usage of consistent document templates
  • Calender management including management, delegation and follow-up of tasks and appointments (incl. visibility rights)
  • Controlling of projects and sales processes, for example quotation tracking, campaign planning and execution as well as mailing letters and emails

Test now!

Our gift to you is time - time to take care for the point: with sellify. And additionally, we give you a little bit of our time. Test sellify now completely without obligation or costs and directly benefit from an introduction into sellify by one of our consultants. 

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One-click-away for best usability.

Easy and intuitive usability has number one priority during the development process of sellify. This is why we make sure that every information needed is not more than one click away. The result:  high acceptance and a perfect user experience! A user who has know-how in Windows applications will be able to work with sellify after only 2 hours initial training.

sellify modules.

All modules based on sellify may be added according to your demand. As functional extensions, these modules complement your requirements to a successful process management perfectly.



CTI-integration (TAPI) with caller identification and documentation.

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Offline access to sellify for flexibly working from everywhere.

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Synchronization between sellify and MS Exchange/ Outlook.

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Report templates in clear presentation and evaluation.

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Recording of documents based on the information of sellify.

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sellify//automationServer powered by Codeless Platforms

Inter-divisional and cross-system business process management by Codeless Platforms.

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Dynamic dashboards to visualize figures.

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sellify//e-Marketing powered by Mailchimp

Creation and evaluation of e-marketing campaigns with Mailchimp-interface.

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Module overview

More information about our modules are needed? Here you go:

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Customize sellify.

In contradiction to many standardized systems, sellify is a solution, which fits your processes and requirements. Our consultants discuss your needs process-oriented. Thereby, we are able to develop new features, design individual surfaces or add individual interfaces.

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