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Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“

Sie möchten die Digitalisierung und die standortübergreifende Zusammenarbeit Ihres Unternehmens ausbauen? Das staatliche Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“ unterstützt die Einführung von sellify mit einem Zuschuss von bis zu 50 %, der nicht zurückgezahlt werden muss.

Weitere Informationen
Das Bild zeigt den Oberkörper eines Mannes im Anzug, der eine Hand ausstreckt. Darüber mehrere Würfel. In einem davon, in der Mitte des Bildes, ist das sellify Delfin Icon zu sehen Das Bild zeigt den Oberkörper eines Mannes im Anzug, der eine Hand ausstreckt. Darüber mehrere Würfel. In einem davon, in der Mitte des Bildes, ist das sellify Delfin Icon zu sehen

The sellify functions.

The most important facts at a glance.

Software can be that simple.

For each challenge sellify offers you the suitable function with diverse applications: organize communication with your business partners, structure your knowledge and deal with your daily office business incidentally. At the same time, handling sellify is particularly intuitive and easy. Everything you need is not more than one click away!

Organizational talent!

Maintaining your business contacts is essential for effective and results-driven processes in your company and therefore the succes of your business. In order to guarantee the frictionless exchange of information within your daily business it is recommended to establish a clear structured information and relation management within your company. sellify supports you in keeping the direct contact to business partners, controlling processes and organizing relevant information.

Organization and management with sellify:

  • Central management of business contacs
  • Vivid depiction of relationships and organizational structures
  • Control of sales processes and projects
  • Consult and inform business partners
  • Record and process service inquiries
  • Organize and schedule relevant information
  • Consistent design of offer processes

Optimal workflows!

An efficient coordination of your workflows is decisive for your employees' performance,  your reaction speed to latest trends and therefore for your business partners satisfaction.

Optimize business processes, link different software systems transparently and bring them to the samel level or automate selected jobs - with sellify this is done easily.

Process optimization with sellify:

  • Simple schedule management
  • Manage automatical follow-ups
  • Access to company wide uniform templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook-msg or PDF for letters, emails, offers, contracts etc.
  • Assignment and tracing of tasks
  • Transparent planning of ressources and calendar overview
  • Automatic Reporting and easy transmission by email

It's your turn!

sellify establishes target-oriented business strategies. By using the analysis function, you are able to take an insight at process oder performance oriented Reports, observe developments or forecasts, recognize chances and trends and avoid risks. Furthermore, sellify offers unlimited evaluation possibilities as well as a simple handling and an intuitive interface. 

Analysis and controlling with sellify:

  • Manual and automatic report preparation via integration of List and Label or Crystal Reports
  • Individual Dashboards, prepared visually and interactively
  • Ad-hoc-search queries, centrally organised administration of search templates
  • Save personal search templates as favorite 
  • Organize search results and use them as base for campaigns

Documents under control!

An efficient document management facilitates the processes in your company. sellify enables you to file documents digitally, administrate them, assign them to other systems and retrieve them without a loss of time through intelligent links. Documents are archived securely, information is available quicker and a high data volume can be illustrated, linked and analyzed clearly.

Manage documents with sellify

  • Organize and find documents easily

  • Typify documents and administrate them type-specific

  • Company-wide and transparent accessibility

  • Central storage and convenient distribuion

  • Archive documents lawfully and audit-securely

Communication is everything!

Targeted and fast communication is a quality feature, which affects the customer satisfaction positively. In communication, not only business partners but also employees play an important role. sellify supports you in achieving a more efficient communication and reacting instantly and professionally to events.

Communication with sellify:

  • Identify incoming calls by caller identification
  • Summary of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Recall missed calls via history
  • Fuzzy search for unknown numbers
  • Retrieve and edit relevant data by click
  • Integrated outlook email-filing with sender identification
  • Add recipients and enclosures from sellify to your emails

Your office to-go!

sellify provides you with mobility within your daily business. You are able to access your data at every place and every time. In the home office or at an out-of-office meeting, for engineers, drivers or sales representatives - with sellify you are able to work flexibly and indepently on the move.

Working on the move with sellify:

  • Perfect support for your field staff
  • Real time data synchronization
  • Offline access to your data and offline editing 
  • Automatic synchronization between Outlook and sellify, for instance for appointments or tasks
  • No cloud-services needed (however available upon request)
  • Optimization of internal cooperation
  • Work on the move or at home