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Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“

Sie möchten die Digitalisierung und die standortübergreifende Zusammenarbeit Ihres Unternehmens ausbauen? Das staatliche Förderprogramm „Digital Jetzt“ unterstützt die Einführung von sellify mit einem Zuschuss von bis zu 50 %, der nicht zurückgezahlt werden muss.

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Das Bild zeigt ein wabenartiges Raster auf blauem Grund. in dem Raster sind verschiedene Icons, die für die sellify Module stehen, angeordnet Das Bild zeigt ein wabenartiges Raster auf blauem Grund. in dem Raster sind verschiedene Icons, die für die sellify Module stehen, angeordnet

The sellify modules.

Helpful extensions for your office day.

Add module-based

The add-on modules for sellify offer functional additions for your sellify base software. Due to the modular system you are able to add those modules based on your requierements. Thereby, you will always get the suitable package for your company-specific demands and pay only for what you really need.

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sellify includes various report templates for a clear depiction and evaluation of data already in the base version. Furthemore, sellify//reporting enables you to create individual reports as well as print and form templates.Thereby, inhouse documents or forms such as contract templates or lawful documents can be prepared as PDF, created with only one click and sent electronically to the recipent.

The key facts:

  • Amplify standard reports easily
  • Access to sellify standard data fields without database knowledge
  • Complement the standard database structure flexibly
  • New reports can be integrated in sellify perfectly


With sellify//easyScan you digitize, archive and delegate the handling of documents already during the scanning process! The usage of your Sharp multifunctional device (MFP) and sellify//easyScan enables you to scan and file documents in just one step and is available for work directly at the Sharp MFP or as a software component for processing the entire inbox. This is how you can improve the efficiency of your company significantly.

The key facts:

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sellify//dashboard serves to control and self-monitor by process and performance oriented evaluations. Important figures from sellify or other systems are illustrated as dynamic dashboards, reports or user cockpits and provided to the user for self-monitoring purposes. Thereby, sellify//dashboard helps to identify opportunities and take the right actions at the right time.

The key facts:

  • Keep your status in focus
  • Create figure-based strategies
  • Easy to understand by visualization
  • Simple and intuitive handling

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sellify//automationServer powered by Codeless Platforms

Inter-divisional and cross-system business process management is easily done with sellify//automationServer powered by Codeless Platforms. By connecting different systems configurationally, the exchange of information is facilitated and cross-system depiction of processes is possible.

sellify//automationServer powered by Codeless Platforms already contains several free features. For example, sellify reminds you of upcoming sales closures or provides you with a processing status for your delegated tasks automatically. For further information and detailed descriptions of all features feel free to contact us.

The key facts:

  • Configurate instead of program
  • Easy connection between systems
  • Automize tasks
  • Inform cross-application-wise

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Working securely and reliably mobile or at home - and profit from the entire range of sellify functions. sellify//onTour enables the automatical synchronization with your enterprise server.

The key facts:

  • Use all sellify functions on the move
  • Automatic synchronization provides high data actuality
  • Optimization of internal cooperation
  • Perfect for your sales force

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Das Bild zeigt die moderne Deckenkonstruktion aus Stahlträgern im Büro von business//acts

Didn't find a perfect complement?

No problem – sellify can be individualized in accordance with your requirements. Our consultants help you to find the perfect solution for your demand!

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Keep an eye on your appointments, contacts and tasks. With the Outlook interface for sellify they are automatically synchronized between sellify and Outlook - as well on your mobile devices. Thereby, you can adjust individually, which appointment types and contacts you want to synchronize.

The key facts:

  • Keep the overview of all appointments and contacts
  • Reduce mistakes by auto synchronization
  • Increase the quality of your data 
  • Save time and be more efficient in your daily business

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Use sellify for your business calls. This module contains automatical caller identification, contact history for your received and missed calls and supports the documentation straight from sellify//phone. With only one click your phone dials automatically and switches to the callers contact history as soon as the call comes in.

The key facts:

  • Inter-divisional communication
  • User-friendly dialling with only one click
  • Optimized customer care
  • Easy documentation of your calls 

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sellify//e-Marketing powered by Mailchimp

e-Marketing done easily! With our Mailchimp integration you cannot only stay in contact with your business partners but also boost your sales efficiently and specifically. The success of your campaign is shown in sellify in real time.

The key facts:

  • Definition of recipients for various target groups in sellify and transfer to Mailchimp
  • Individual Design of marketing campaigns
  • Transfer of relevant data from sellify to Mailchimp
  • Immediate success analysis in sellify

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