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Das Bild zeigt einen Mitarbeiter und einen Kunden im Verkaufsgespräch. Das Bild zeigt einen Mitarbeiter und einen Kunden im Verkaufsgespäch.

More time for your customers!

sellify for sales teams

Successful sales with sellify

Tom is a successful account manager. He is charming, inspires his prospects and customers with innovative solution proposals and uses all sales methods that lead to the order. His success is based on the fact that he now has more productive sales time because he can focus intensively on "selling" and engage with his prospects and customers. Coping with administrative tasks has decreased significantly because the system-supported collaboration with the inside sales team works smoothly and many routine tasks are simply automated. Initially, Tom was not so enthusiastic about entering his data into the CRM system. He had all the information on prospects and customers stored in Outlook, Excel and in Windows drives. Now, for Tom, centralized management of all sales transactions in one system has become an essential and time-saving part of daily business.


What had changed?

To digitally map the business and sales processes, the sales manager Olaf made the decision with the management to find a solution that would map the current status of the complete sales funnel and the entire sales pipeline at any time. Therefore, a project for the introduction of a CRM system was started. The project background was described, goals were defined and prioritized in internal workshops, an overview of the IT systems was created, and a project plan was developed for the investment decision. The selection of CRM systems was very large and it became apparent during the preliminary selection that each CRM system had strengths, but also weaknesses. Many systems had a conservative user interface, in the case of web-based cloud systems, the sales force was dependent on a functioning Internet connection, and systems that functioned purely on a sales and pipeline basis were unable to optimally integrate the company's own systems and thus the business process chain. After Olaf had found many interesting features of the CRM system of the same name that suited his company at www.sellify.de, initial discussions were held, the set goals were compared with presented "use-cases" and finally the decision was made to introduce the system.

Especially in sales and marketing, it is becoming increasingly important that all known information and developments about leads, customers and business partners are quickly available digitally and that all customer conversations become experiences. It must be easy for you and your sales staff to organize day-to-day business in a customer-centric way, to access relevant and meaningful reports or dashboards, to work together as a team, and to do so anywhere, anytime. Customer-centric sales processes must be easy to implement digitally and adapt at any time. As management or sales leadership, you want to have the overall view of sales funnels, sales opportunities, KPI's, developments, target achievements, etc. at any time in order to be able to optimally manage the sales team. It is very important to have an intuitive CRM solution that is almost self-explanatory and therefore highly accepted by the users. For your sales department, a CRM system must function like an assistance system that supports the path to a successful sale at the right time, either automatically or at the push of a button. From all these requirements, we have developed sellify for you to sustainably increase your success - with the option to also develop and implement individual requirements together with you.

sellify - the solution for your sales processes

No matter where you are working in sellify, shortcuts allow you, for example, to create a new record at any time and link it directly to data from the other elements.
Imagine your telephone system is connected to sellify: the caller is automatically identified, with one click you open his history and the open sales opportunity, which in turn contains the offer to be discussed. Everything simply in one process and perfectly traceable.

  1. Increase active sales time with intuitive system support and intelligent finding function

  2. Systematically track all sales opportunities and transactions with resubmission management

  3. Use contact profiles for a differentiated view of prospects, customers, and business partners

  1. Create high employee acceptance through simple user interfaces and "one-click-away-usability".

  2. Implement sophisticated workflows for office and field collaboration

  3. Control your sales with KPI-based reports, keep track of sales funnels & sales pipelines with dashboards.

The extensive sales-relevant functions of sellify


Leads, customers, business partners

  • Central management
  • Role and authorization concept
  • Creation, modification, deactivation, auto-completion
  • Duplicate check
  • Linking with persons, activities, documents, opportunities, sales, projects
  • Key data
  • Differentiation by contact types
  • Assignment of a responsible person
  • freely definable profile properties (e.g. for lead qualification)
  • remarks
  • Linking with network folders
  • Deposit of price lists
  • view of (filterable) customer history
  • Bidirectional mapping of relationships and structures with organizations and persons
  • Assignment of competitors
  • Map visualization through Google Maps integration
  • Generation of a (pdf) print report for the organization with activity overview
  • Assignment of mail or contact blocks




  • Central management
  • Link to organizations, activities, documents, opportunities, sales, projects
  • DSGVO compliant creation, modification, deactivation
  • Duplicate check
  • Master data
  • freely definable profile properties
  • Remarks
  • Function, position, retired
  • Integration of social media accounts
  • Bidirectional mapping of relationships with organizations and people




Tasks, phone calls, appointments

  • Activity types (freely definable in admin tool)
  • Linking with organizations, persons, documents, opportunities, sales, projects
  • Scheduling of resubmissions
  • Reminder and repeat function
  • Prioritization option with different levels
  • Display of overdue tasks
  • Status "Completed
  • Creation of follow-up activities with display of a summary
  • Text editor for descriptions/comments
  • Delegation of tasks to other users
  • Definition as milestone for projects
  • Assignment of (in the admin tool freely definable) conversation or documentation guidelines
  • Assignment of resources
  • Variable display and filtering of activity history



  • Complete document management
  • Central storage
  • Secure document archiving
  • Enterprise-wide access
  • Link to organizations, people, activities, opportunities, sales, projects
  • Full text search also within documents/emails
  • Storage of e-mails from MS Outlook via drag & drop
  • Document types (freely definable in the admin tool)
  • Use of Microsoft Office templates with integration of data variables
  • Editing directly from sellify
  • Resubmission function
  • Owner function


    • Creating opportunities from the main navigation, at the organization, person, activity.
    • Linking to organizations, persons, activities, documents, projects
    • Opportunity title
    • Opportunity type (freely definable in admin tool)
    • Opportunity level with % values (freely definable in admin tool)
    • Opportunity status (open, interrupted, won, lost)
    • Opportunity owner
    • Turnover information / Weighted turnover
    • Reasons for status "lost" (freely definable in admin tool)
    • Resubmission and reminder function
    • Expected or actual closing date
    • Source
    • Competitor
    • Remarks via text editor (e.g. for customer request, offered solution)
    • Assignment of stored positions
    • Creation of a quotation with quotation items
    • Progress information
    • Display of opportunities/sales within the sales funnel as report or dashboard
    • Evaluation of opportunities and sales for sales planning, forecast, target achievement

      Quote configurator

      • Product management with descriptions, images and prices
      • Company or industry specific price lists
      • Import article lists or interface to ERP systems
      • Price scales and individual discounts
      • Create standardized quote templates with variables
      • Configure quotes with just a few clicks


      • Project title
      • Project type ((freely definable in admin tool)
      • Project status
      • Project owner
      • Project members
      • Start/End date
      • Next milestone
      • Link to organizations, people, activities, documents, opportunities, sales
      • Remarks about text editor
      • Access to network folders

        Customer oriented communication

        • Optional linking of the telephone system for caller identification/call set-up
        • Clear display of all relevant information during the call
        • Uniform design and use of call guidelines and document templates
        • E-mail dispatch and with preconfigured texts and attachments
        • Integrated Outlook e-mail archiving with sender recognition


        • Collaborative working through delegation and tracking of tasks, group work baskets, and central archiving.
        • Integration of company-wide systems, templates and network drives
        • Automation of recurring processes
        • Optional linking to other enterprise systems

        My sellify

        • Personal cockpit
        • Calendar and reminder management
        • Organization, takeover, delegation and follow-up of tasks, deadlines and opportunities
        • Processing of activities via group work baskets
        • Transfer of selection results as call list

        Analyzing tools

        • Manual and automatic report creation
        • Customized visual and interactive dashboards
        • Ad-hoc search queries
        • Centrally organized search template management
        • Save personal search templates as favorites
        • Organize search results and use them as the basis for campaigns