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Ein Laptop mit sellify-Erklärvideo steht im Eingangsbereich von businessacts. Ein Laptop mit sellify-Erklärvideo steht im Eingangsbereich von businessacts.

Perfectly organized for successful business

Customer relationship management and document management in one system

An efficient software solution for digital transformation should aim to support existing company processes without forcing a change in these processes. The aim is to preserve the individuality and uniqueness of a company while increasing efficiency. Our holistic software solution sellify has been specially developed to support your employees in managing their daily tasks and processes by integrating various components such as CRM and DMS.

For us, digital transformation is all about developing process-oriented software solutions that aim to reduce the complexity of processes and routine tasks without overhauling your established workflows. For almost 20 years, business//acts GmbH has specialized in the design of software systems, with a particular focus on user-friendly software that offers low barriers to entry and high efficiency. Our primary goal is to help you keep track of the big picture, while our process-oriented approaches always take into account the individual identity of your company.

With sellify, we not only offer a standardized solution, but also work closely with you to implement customer-specific solutions. Our experienced team and strategic partners have many years of experience in process- and technology-oriented project consulting and agile development. We have helped companies become more successful with our holistic software solutions in numerous projects across a wide range of industries.

Regardless of the challenges you face in your day-to-day work, sellify is designed to provide you with the support you need without changing your company's existing processes!

  1. Slim and stringent design

  2. Intuitive and ergonomic in use

  3. Flexibly adaptable to your needs

  4. Integrated in your
    MS Office environment

Integrated. Intuitive. Customizable.

sellify is our answer to the information overload in the digital age. Document and organize your knowledge about customers, projects, employees as well as all internal and external communication, link data from different systems to efficiently implement your business processes. And since we always put the user in the center of our attention, in sellify every required piece of information is only a click away at the most and creates a quick sense of achievement and acceptance with a short training period.

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Use cases

Customer relationship with sellify

With sellify, you can meet the growing expectations of customers and business partners for responsiveness and informativeness due to digitalization: all the information you need is just a click away. This means you can make statements about projects, sales opportunities, contracts, etc. at any time.

Regardless of whether you are in the office, in your home office or on the road.

Document management functions

Storytelling office organization

Storytelling homeoffice

Examples of problem solving with sellify

Best practice documentation guidelines

sellify modules

sellify already contains a large standard range of functions. The following modules complement your requirements and round off the software for successful company management.

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We also make sellify a customized solution for you.

With sellify, you get a solution that flexibly adapts to your processes and requirements. With the combination of software and our many years of consulting expertise, we thus provide you with a clear benefit advantage compared to other CRM systems. Among other things, we offer:

From the requirement to the solution

We accompany you from the identification of requirements to the start of operations and beyond. In doing so, we always take into account the individual requirements of individual user groups for your enterprise software.

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