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Eine Frau sitzt zuhause an einem Tisch und macht Homeoffice und daneben sitzen Kinder und malen. Eine Frau sitzt zuhause an einem Tisch und macht Homeoffice und daneben sitzen Kinder und malen.


An episode of the everyday business.

Since March 2020, the working world has changed significantly, especially in terms of office activities. Initially, home office arrangements had to be implemented, then later hybrid forms of work with a switch between home office and office. Many companies initially invested in infrastructure at home for their employees and VPN access for access to company systems.

However, it quickly became clear that if everyone sits alone at home in front of a PC or notebook (sometimes with the additional burden of childcare), established collaboration is no longer a given. Asking colleagues next door or submitting a document to superiors for approval no longer works. Many employees only sit in video meetings, the team feeling is unfortunately lost and processes that involve written documents in the office (e.g. contracts, offers, invoices) are overlooked or processed too late.

We are happy to support you in the implementation of your changed business processes and help you to answer the following questions:

  • How can your employees document their knowledge of business partners in a uniform and structured manner everywhere and make it available to everyone?
  • How can your employees access important and current information everywhere, easily and quickly?
  • How can the operative daily business for your employees be handled everywhere and faster with the assistance of a good software support?
  • How can incoming documents be captured in the office and the processing delegated to the home office?
  • How can new customer-oriented processes be implemented independent of location and with integration of existing solutions?
  • How do you digitize your existing and time-consuming processes as simply as possible?
  • How do you create high added value in your value creation with a software solution through fast employee acceptance?

As a software manufacturer, it is very important to us in your interest to answer all these questions with sellify in a solution-oriented and requirements-driven way. With sellify you simply solve many challenges that arise from home office.

Below is a practical example of how it should not happen:

A daily challenge without a homeoffice solution

An important contract from Niederau GmbH has arrived at the Meierhofen company by mail. Ms. Wilke opens the letter and puts it on the desk of the clerk, Mr. Riedel.

Three weeks later: The phone rings, Ms. Wilke answers.

Ms. Wilke is at a loss. She is aware that processes have to change so that her business partners do not have any restrictions in working together, but how is it possible to

  • delegate tasks to employees in the home office?
  • reliably provide the required information to the responsible agents?
  • keep an eye on the processing status - even if the processing takes place in the home office or on the road?

Work optimally collaboratively with sellify

A short time later:
All employees now work with sellify - a new contract is received at the Meierhofen company. Ms. Wilke can now easily manage all daily challenges:

  • Ms. Wilke scans the contract
  • She directly creates a resubmission for the colleague Franz Riedel and links all information in sellify, which are necessary for the processing of the contract.
  • Mr. Riedel receives a message about the resubmission and can now access the digitized contract and the associated information in sellify from home.
  • Ms. Wilke can track the status of the processing in sellify at any time and quickly retrieve the documents using the full-text search function

sellify can become your central system for the implementation of your home office requirements, where your employees can

  • store comprehensive knowledge about customers, prospects and business partners digitally and directly in a central location
  • quickly and easily retrieve all information and documents in accordance with authorization requirements
  • act in a customer-oriented manner by accessing the current customer history
  • delegate and track tasks to business partners
  • use the familiar Microsoft environment in an integrated way
  • quickly create quotations and keep track of sales opportunities
  • create reports and flexible evaluations


From the requirement to the solution

Consulting, Customizing, RollOut, GoLive, Advancement - all from one source! Our business consultants accompany you professionally to your sellify system.

More information about the implementation

Customize sellify

Unlike many standard systems, with sellify you get a solution that flexibly adapts to your processes and requirements.

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