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The customer-oriented CRM software for the ICT industry

Successfully acquire and develop customers - with sellify!

The telecommunications and ICT industry is developing rapidly. Within just a few years, expansion strategies are changing and customers are migrating from older technologies to modern fiber-optic infrastructure. In addition, IT issues must increasingly be taken into account through All-IP. This means an ever-increasing amount of consulting work, and sales teams must master the challenge of developing existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. To ensure that daily business is organized successfully, that field and office staff can work together optimally, and that all information is quickly and easily available to everyone in a transparent manner, it is important to use CRM software that is specifically geared to the industry. The sales teams must be supported by good assistance systems to lead prospects and customers more easily to a conclusion.

Our sellify sector solution was developed from the requirements of customers in the telecommunications industry:

  1. sellifyOnTour_Dunkelblau

    360-degree view of customers and prospects from different sales units with different portfolios

  2. Integration with existing enterprise systems for access to contract data, expansion projects, and infrastructure systems

  3. Mapping of complex customers with multiple customer numbers, multiple locations and many products in use

  4. Flexible and filterable views on history, opportunities, sales, documents and activities

One organization - different sales teams

Assign important information to prospects and customers: Contact details, responsible persons from different sales teams including customer category and potential, contact type, industry, current IT service providers, your internal trade area designations or the various customer numbers from your ERP system. In this way, you map the view of the same organization from different sales teams in sellify. In addition, you can set various notes on organizations and persons via icons, such as contact blocks, additional addresses or even a VIP status.

Map company structures and territories

Link organizations that belong together within a group of companies as a network and create a complete overview of all activities and information without additional effort. Also e.g. territories can be displayed transparently: connect and group organizations in a defined area (building, address, street, business park, etc.) and get information about all activities and sales opportunities per click.

Detailed information for business customer sales

From which providers is the prospect currently being served? How long is the customer bound to contracts? How many workstations or SIM cards are involved? How high is the customer's annual revenue? You document all this and much more in sellify - the central system in which all the necessary information can be easily viewed.

Detailed information for the housing industry

Document relevant detailed information from the perspective of the housing industry - from current contract terms and providers, important date information on contacts with customers and internal processes to the determined profitability of the site.

Look at addresses, rather than just organizations or people.

Assign information to addresses (also automated), such as number of residential and business units, access technologies, or building information. People and organizations involved in the location are automatically assigned to the address. You then have all the information about a location available at a glance. With the help of links, you can call up further information in your company applications.

Configure sales opportunities easily!

Map your products and solutions so that you can easily create your sales opportunities with just a few clicks and display the pipeline with a high level of detail. Direct linking to location data, competitors, activities and documents means it's all done in one step and avoids duplicate entries.

Overview of active products and sales potentials

With a click, you can view an overview of open sales opportunities as well as completed and invoiced sales at the current organization. Interfaces to your business systems automatically integrate this data.

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