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Mehreren Personen halten ein Meeting ab. Mehreren Personen halten ein Meeting ab.

Well advised with sellify!

Practical and intuitive software for consulting companies

Better positioned than your competitor with knowledge and project management!

The consulting industry has been growing for years with different consulting focuses and is becoming increasingly important for growth-oriented companies. In Germany alone, more than 25,000 specialized consulting companies are competing with the major industry leaders for new consulting mandates. In order to stay competitive in this market, a simple software for documenting client knowledge and organizing ongoing projects is an absolute prerequisite!

sellify combines these and many other functions in an intuitive, practice-oriented and offline-capable solution!


Communication at a glance

Consulting companies live from and for communication. With sellify, you not only document tasks, conversations and appointments in a comprehensible and structured way. You can also archive any form of documents, such as presentations, concepts, emails and contracts in sellify and make them available and analyzable for everyone with flexibly designable information fields. This way, you always keep track of your projects and facilitate teamwork!

Uniform appearance

For a uniform outward appearance, there is the CI, whose component is a recurring layout, which underlines the professionalism of your company. With sellify, you provide your users with various office templates for documents, such as meeting minutes, concepts, presentations, e-mails (and many more), the released company templates centrally and support them in the creation of these documents. Intelligent variables in the templates are replaced by sellify during document generation and save the tedious addition of contact-, deadline- or project-related information - creating professional documents and documentation at the push of a button!

With the integrated full-text search directly in document archives or via the additional convenient "find function" of sellify, any document can be retrieved easily and quickly based on keywords or document content. Searching for documents was yesterday, with sellify you can find the desired document in seconds!

Turning knowledge into fixed assets

Especially for consulting companies, knowledge about their customers and their projects is company capital! Only those who know their customers well can also advise them effectively. With sellify, you can document knowledge that is often in the heads of your employees in a structured way and sustainably secure it for the company. To make this possible while traveling, sellify offers with sellify onTour a unique possibility to work with the system mobile and without an active internet connection. As soon as you have a connection again, the data and documents are synchronized with the central system. Thus, no information is lost anymore and you are well informed and informative everywhere!

Handle projects professionally

One customer project after the other and no parallel projects - that would be the ideal state for any project organization. But the reality is different. Different projects with different customers and often with the same project participants. In addition, multi-project management is a difficult challenge in the digital age, because information is exchanged quickly and digitally and meetings often take place spontaneously and online. Having access to all information at the right time and in the right place is almost unsolvable without intuitive software.

With sellify, you can keep track of a large number of parallel projects at all times. In addition to the start and planned end date for the project, internal and external project participants and their roles in the project, tasks, deadlines, milestones and documents can also be stored and tracked in the project file.

Organize appointments and tasks

To plan the tasks and appointments in your daily business, sellify is connected to your Outlook calendar. This allows you to schedule appointments and phone calls in sellify, automatically send invitations to external participants as well, and directly book resources such as the meeting room and video board.

In addition to person-related tasks, you can also organize them independently of persons in group-related work baskets and have them processed by a team. Individual fields of different types can be added to each task type so that the task content and the way it is completed can be documented in a structured way.

Collaborate without limits

Even though sellify supports almost every user group and can therefore be used at most workstations, there is often a need to share documents with departments or external parties that do not have access to sellify.

To enable this, network drive folders can be integrated into sellify's interfaces and work processes. This then allows sellify users and non-sellify users to share access to the documents stored there. For example, when creating a new project, sellify can automatically create a folder structure depending on the project type, in which shared documents can be stored and also released for external users via SharePoint.

Create reports easily

The documentation and performance measurement of operational activities in projects are an essential part of the value creation process of consulting companies. This data is not only used for targeted business management, it also forms the basis for performance accounting.

sellify offers a flexible and intuitive way to create individual reports through the never seamless integration of the multiple award-winning reporting tool "List & Label". For example, you can create an overview of all billable activities in a given time period for a selected customer project with just one click and use it as an invoice attachment. Or you can have this documentation automatically emailed to any distribution group as a PDF file on a regular basis - even if you already use another system to record the activities!

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