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Ein Laptop mit einem sellify-Screenshot im Bildschirm steht auf einer Empfangstheke. Ein Laptop mit einem sellify-Screenshot im Bildschirm steht auf einer Empfangstheke.

sellify organizes your business.

The software solution for digital office organization

Problem? Solution? sellify!

sellify - the all-round problem solver in everyday office life:
Do you want to eliminate the chaos in your filing cabinet? Standardize your processes? Keep track of employee scheduling?

Nothing could be easier.

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  1. Manage data centrally

  2. Improve teamwork

  3. Exploit sales opportunities

  1. Maintain business relationships sustainably

  2. Structure information and find it quickly

  3. Do all the typical office work on the side

Water pipe burst in a property. But your installer can't be found.

With sellify, you can optimally schedule your employees.

  • Planning calendar with overview of all employees
  • Coordinate resources efficiently
  • Manage appointment reminders
  • Documentation of executed and pending activities

A customer calls and wants to discuss a quote with you. However, you cannot find this anywhere.

With sellify Phone Integration you can recognize customers by their ringing and navigate to the customer archive with all customer data in one click.

  • Automatic phone number recognition
  • History of calls made and missed calls
  • Easy documentation through sellify activities directly from sellify Phone Integration
  • Convenient dialing of a phone number per click from sellify

Your sales staff are constantly on the road. That leaves little time for documentation and consultation with colleagues in the office.

sellify onTour enables you to work flexibly on the road or at home:

  • Retrieve the required knowledge from anywhere
  • Editing and recording of new data entries
  • Offline access to your documents from sellify and their editing
  • Automatic synchronization of data when connected to company servers

Your new product is coming onto the market, and you want to offer it to your business partners. But where are the sales potentials?

With sellify Mailchimp Integration, you can use the data stored in sellify to identify prospects and promote products in personalized newsletters to specific target groups:

  • Targeted compilation of target groups
  • Individual design of e-marketing campaigns
  • Targeted distribution of relevant content
  • Progress and success analysis in sellify

Your company has a large fleet of vehicles. So it's sometimes hard to keep track of everything.

With sellify, you can keep track of your current company vehicles and any service appointments that come up:

  • Reminders for inspections
  • Overview of current fleet costs
  • Documentation of current mileage, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Framework data, such as purchase prices and key numbers stored centrally

A colleague is sick and you have to replace him at an important meeting at short notice. But how do you quickly get the information about the project?

With sellify, you can view and edit the status of a project across people.

  • Project status with all related documents always at hand
  • Overview of contact persons, milestones and deadlines
  • Clear project history
  • E-mail history for a project stored centrally

As a department manager, you are spontaneously asked in a meeting about the expected order situation. You were not prepared for this.

With sellify, you can view the opportunities deposited by employees to get forecasts for your company:

  • Process- and performance-oriented evaluations
  • Monitor trends and forecasts
  • Derive business strategies based on key performance indicators
  • Create manual and automated reports

A customer asks you for a copy of his contract. But unfortunately, you can no longer find it.

With document management in sellify, you always have all important documents at hand.

  • Manage documents securely and in a structured way
  • Store documents related to contacts and business transactions
  • Indexing and full text search
  • Create versions, define life cycles
  • Archive in an audit-proof manner

We accompany you on the path to digital transformation of your business processes. We always take a holistic view of the networking of processes, information and existing systems.

Do you have any questions or would you like to test sellify free of charge?
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