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sellify - the software for your demands!

Solutions from different sectors

sellify is flexibility!

We have flexibly adapted sellify to different industries and business areas. In the following you will find our solutions.

sellify solutions for financial service providers

Namhafte Leasinggesellschaften nutzen seit 2006 unsere Branchenexpertise, um mit sellify Ihre Kunden aus den Geschäftsfeldern Direktleasing, Absatzfinanzierung und Factoring transaparent und nachhalting zu betreuen. Die Unterscheidung in der Informationsaufbereitung für die einzelnen Geschäftsfelder und die gezielte Bereitstellung von Informationen für die Marktfolge zur Unterstützung der Kreditentscheidungsprozesse machen sellify für diese Unternehmen so wertvoll.
sellify for the leasing section
customer report abcfinance

M&A consultants and private equity companies also benefit from sellify in the organization of their daily communication. Thereby a special advantage is created by linking knowledge about investors, selling shareholders, involved consulting companies and potential buyers.
sellify for M&A - advisors and private equity managers
customer report Deutsche Invest Capital Partners



Consulting: well advised with sellify

A DSGVO-compliant on-premise software that enables systemic work and eliminates analog steps Sales: these were the most important requirements of our customer from the consulting sector.

sellify for consulting companies

Customer report from Thesen

Customer report from Brandschutz Cordier


In your everyday working life, appointments and projects have to be planned, customer and employee data managed and orders coordinated. With sellify, you have a real competitive advantage, because this lean software ensures central and clear organization during ongoing operations to make everything easier for you. This saves you a lot of time, nerves and money.

sellify in the handicraft sector
customer report MT Müller

Industry: lead capture and contact management at trade fairs

For the exchange of innovations, the presentation of own products and new developments, but also for networking, trade fairs offer an optimal platform, especially for the industrial sectors. Find out how the interface between sellify and the digital lead capture tool SnapAddy has minimized the work and time involved in trade fair management for Friedrich Lütze GmbH and once again increased user satisfaction.

customer report Friedrich Lütze


The development of the telecommunications and ICT industry is rapid. To ensure that daily business is well organized, that field and office staff can work together optimally, and that all information is quickly and easily available to everyone in a transparent manner, it is important to use CRM software that is specifically geared to the industry. The sales teams must be supported by good assistance systems to lead prospects and customers more easily to a conclusion.

sellify in the telecommunications sector
customer report NetCologne
customer report dtms

Media technology: it's clear.

With the flood of digital enquiries in media technology, it is often not easy to keep track. With sellify, our customers can organize all orders in a clearly structured way, that is comprehensible for everyone. Thanks to individually adapted sellify interfaces to online shops or ERP systems, processing speed and accuracy are also significantly increased.

Customer report from fbMEDIA

IT security: play it safe

Especially when working with sensitive data, a sure instinct is required. To ensure a smooth and secure process, it is particularly important to establish a system, that is as well protected as possible against external attacks. Since sellify is not based on a cloud solution for data storage, the software is ideally suited for companies with high data protection requirements.

Customer report from secunet

Trade: we do business.

For years, our customers have been relying on sellify for the perfect sales organization. Contact data, emails, phone calls, orders or appointments of customers and suppliers are stored centrally and are thus accessible for all employees at any time. This way, even complex administrative tasks can be coordinated effectively and long-term sales success can be guaranteed.

Customer report from Aldisplays

Food industry: sellify cleans up the shop.

Our Dr. Oetker customers have got a taste for it: with sellify, they have opted for a software that enables long-term tracking of consumer data and optimal visitor support. This has made the employees' daily work easier and the cross-departmental flow of information considerably improved.

Customer report from Dr. Oetker