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sellify App

The practical solution for mobile working with sellify

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Always and everywhere well informed with the sellify app!

The sellify app allows you to manage your business processes directly from your smartphone. Keep track of tasks, appointments, and projects, document customer conversations through voice input in seconds, and instantly access important contact details and documents. Ideal for busy days: the app saves changes immediately and makes them available to everyone. This enhances team collaboration and efficiency

With the sellify app, "nothing is easier than that"!

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  1. Communicate


  2. Ideal extension
    for field service

  3. Data up-to-dateness
    through Synchronization

  4. High informative value
    fast reaction time

Contact history and task management

You are on the road and want to get a quick overview of today's appointments and due tasks? Or are you on your way to a customer and want to check the contact history, exchanged correspondence or current contracts?

No problem! With the sellify app, you can start your day in an organized and efficient way - take a look at your worklist, add activities or follow-ups on the go, prioritize or delegate tasks and get notified about appointments using the reminder function. Thanks to the contact history and integrated search function, you can recall relevant information about the participants on the way to a meeting - and after completion, with just a few taps, directly document the results and record follow-up tasks for yourself or colleagues.

With the sellify app you can optimize your task management, react faster and increase customer satisfaction!

Communication and contact management

In the sellify app, you have quick access to all contact persons and their contact details as well as linked information everywhere - in real time; whether in the office or on the road! All information is just a few taps away.

Have you met new contacts in an appointment and received business cards containing additional contact information? Easily capture new organizations and people, activities and photos, e.g. from business cards, compose emails or make phone calls, complete information or get an overview of the progress of the business relationship or initiation so far. This guarantees a reliable statement and quick reaction of your employees!


Sales efficiency and sales opportunities

The sellify app provides optimal support for employees who are frequently on the road due to customer appointments or meetings with business partners, for example, in order to prepare for appointments, be productive on the road and make the best possible use of travel time. However, all employees of a company benefit from the possibility to easily access current information from sellify on the road and to update and expand it at any time. This not only increases sales efficiency, but also promotes team collaboration at the same time!

In addition to overviews of open sales opportunities and their respective processing status as well as associated open tasks, you can also call up sent offers incl. articles and conditions in the app, record precise notes on site, conduct and document customer or acquisition phone calls, create tasks for internal sales, open addresses for route planning in your preferred map app, and much more!

sellify App - For more flexibility in the workday

For location-independent work with sellify, the app offers an extensive range of functions. Therefore, it also includes a project area where you have all important information about your projects directly at hand - whether project history, status, participants and their contact details or milestones.

Other features include a photo function that allows you to archive business cards or important documents directly in sellify. The voice input function of your smartphone or tablet is also compatible with the app and offers a convenient way to document thoughts or long texts directly in the right place in no time. Save valuable time and say goodbye to time-consuming typing!


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With the sellify app you always have your sellify solution with you and you can access all important information in real time in seconds, expand it and work effectively on the go.

Save valuable working time, increase your productivity, data timeliness, team collaboration and customer satisfaction - discover the many benefits of our app as the perfect extension to your sellify software!

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