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Mehrere Personen sitzen mit Laptops an einem Tisch und halten ein Geschäftsmeeting ab. Mehrere Personen sitzen mit Laptops an einem Tisch und halten ein Geschäftsmeeting ab.

Good deal.

The ideal software for the financial sector.

Successful deal management with sellify

The digitization of the economy is developing rapidly. So if you want to run successful deal management in the long term, you need to take advantage of the digital world. Above all, this includes software that allows you to identify strategic room for action in order to maintain an overview of your deals and efficiently lead them to completion.


No easier than that - with sellify!

With the smart deal management software from business//acts, you can implement your processes in an application in no time and benefit from digital networking of all data sets. Thus, sellify makes you even more powerful in processing and managing your deals and funds and enables you to be faster than your competitors.

The advantages of sellify for your deal management at a glance:

  • Management of targets, M&A advisors and any other contacts
  • Capture and view all information related to the target company with a single click
  • Simple and clear management of all deals and deal processes
  • Fast documentation of background information around the deal
  • Clear planning, preparation and documentation of meetings, calls and tasks
  • Electronic, DSGVO-compliant storage of contacts
  • Documentation and anonymization of DSGVO-relevant information at the click of a button
  • Easy finding through flexible (full text) search with preview function
  • Overview of due deals, tasks, meetings and documents

Deals, tasks, deadlines and documents - be prepared at all times!

With sellify, you can keep track of all activities, appointments and open deals - and thanks to the integrated resubmission management, you will no longer miss any important deadlines!


Always well informed!

Gather information around the target company and share it with your teammates and business partners as needed.

Manage deals and deal processes

Multiple deals at the same time? No problem: Keep track of the process progress and deadlines within your deals and organize the tasks that arise in the team through all process phases up to the closing of the deal!

Create contracts, non-disclosure agreements and correspondence to your business partners with the help of e-mail and document templates and document them transparently in the deal file for all authorized deal participants to view.

Detailed information about the deal available at any time!

Document detailed information such as current processing status, next steps or important deadlines - for better collaboration with your teammates!

Plan, prepare and document meetings, calls and tasks

sellify supports you in your daily work, e.g. with task and resubmission management. Send Outlook appointment invitations directly from sellify's intuitive editing interface, even for external participants, and assign all necessary documents directly to the appointment entry. This way you are perfectly prepared for every meeting and have access to any kind of information you need at any time.

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