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Das Bild zeigt den Gang eines hellen, loftartigen Büroraumes mit Glaswänden. Am Ende des Ganges steht ein Roll-up, auf dem "business//acts" steht Das Bild zeigt den Gang eines hellen, loftartigen Büroraumes mit Glaswänden. Am Ende des Ganges steht ein Roll-up, auf dem "business//acts" steht

sellify powered by business//acts.

We at our best.

The company behind the software.

Being a creative and service oriented software company from Cologne, we from business//acts work every day under the highest pressure to provide you with your perfect sellify software experience.
Since 2005 we distribute and develop software products as independent IT service company. Our dynamically growing team of business consultants, software developers and technical consultants advises and supports you in creating, implementing and advancing a tailor-made solution concept. In case of questions about our range of services or regarding commercial processing, our specialists in sales or administration have the answers you need.

Inside business//acts

The year 2020 is off to an extraordinary start - the worldwide spread of the Corona virus is having a massive impact, which of course also affects us. In order to protect the health of all business//acts employees and thus also to ensure the performance for our customers, the management reacts already at the beginning of March and introduces home office for all employees on a mandatory basis. The technical prerequisites for this decision were already in place, so the changeover is taking place smoothly. However, such a decision naturally has an impact and changes the way we work together from one day to the next: routines and processes have to be redefined in order to maintain cooperation and the team spirit.

Therefore, starting on the first day, we meet every morning in an online video meeting for a short "good morning coffee" and exchange news about "Corona" and upcoming tasks for the day. All other routines, such as regular meetings of the specialist departments, take place as usual, but from now on online. Over time, the new situation becomes normal - the daily video conferences are combined into a weekly meeting on Monday morning.

After the 1st lockdown, everyone is looking forward to working together again in person at Schanzenstraße. However, it is also clear that the collaboration in the home office has worked very well and that they do not want to completely give up the many advantages from it. After an intensive exchange with the team, the management decides to combine the "best of both worlds" and to work together in the future in a mix of office and home office.

By the end of 2020, a new way of working has been defined. The benefits and results from this way of working are convincing: in addition to many individual customer projects, we have significantly expanded the standard functional scope of sellify with new releases and published a new website www.sellify.de.  As a result, at the end of 2020, the decision is made for a flexible "desk sharing model", in which a lounge is offered as a central hub for social encounters of the team and meetings with business partners. Together with a specialist for modern office equipment and an interior designer, a concept for a completely new working environment is created. We are currently in the implementation phase and will move into our new office from 01.03.2021 at the familiar address, but one floor lower.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in

The history of business//acts.



Today's business//acts GmbH is being found as BusinessActs Informations- und Datensysteme GmbH. It is the corporate goal, to develop tailor-made CRM solutions out of standard software by customizing and interfaces.


Expert for customer relations

As technology partner of the norwegian CRM-manufacturer SuperOffice, business//acts develops the software solution FormsDesigner on demand of a common customer. With this solution, individual customizations for and within SuperOffice can be implemented for the first time. FormsDesigner becomes the USP among the SuperOffice partners and serves as basis for numerous individual CRM solutions, at first on the groundwork of SuperOffice. As a result, the application and the possibilities extend. Originally having been developed exclusively for add ons or adjustments of surfaces and functions within SuperOffice, FormsDesigner complements little by little to become a development framework for Windows applications with interfaces to SuperOffice and any other database systems.


CRM customizing at its best

When it comes to tailor-made implementation of SuperOffice and add on software solutions in the CRM environment, business//acts has become indispensable as a reliable and performant project partner for medium-sized enterprises. Besides many SME's, more and more companies from the upper midsize market trust in technologies, experience and project expertise of the business//acts team. Wether NetCologne, abcfinance, Dr. Oetker, Landesbank Baden-Würtemberg, Fette Compacting, Friedrich Lütze, Enovos, Intrum Justitia, Sharp, and many more – the list of solved requirements for most different types of customers is long and continously growing. To understand and solve user orientedly becomes daily business of business//acts and develops to be one of the most essential USP's of the company by it's methodic organization.


'sellify', an idea ...

One of business//acts' established customers with international business has requirements to the CRM solution that cannot be implemented with SuperOffice as basis. The result is a solution developed on the basis of FormsDesigner as a completely independent technology, whose basic architecture is later developed further as flexible and industry-independent standard software - the birth of sellify.


sellify Launch

sellify is launched as an independent standard software and presented to a larger audience at CeBIT for the first time. From the very beginning, sellify has been seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Office world, enabling interaction between sellify and common office products. Whether in the office or on the road as an offline solution: sellify supports the daily work routine with useful functions in a user-friendly design - compact, efficient and as flexible as needed. Other well-known companies quickly recognize the advantages of sellify and commission the introduction or conversion of their existing CRM solution to sellify.


The sellify product world is growing

Inspired by the multiple wishes of our customers, in addition to the further development of the basic system, modules for the synchronization of appointments and contacts between sellify and Microsoft Exchange Server as well as a TAPI-based solution for the connection to the telephone layer for outgoing calls and the recognition of incoming calls are developed.


Release of sellify 3

The number of sellify customers and users is growing rapidly. In 2017, sellify will already be used at 1600 workstations to facilitate the users' everyday work with many well thought-out functions. Spurred on not least by its above-average success, sellify is being consistently and continuously developed. As the crowning end of a successful year, business//acts releases sellify 3 in December 2017, the most comprehensive release so far.


List&Label integration and GDPR-compliant date storage

Based on our customers' feedback, we extend sellify's functionalities to include the definition and tracking of project milestones as well as the integration of List&Label as a new basic technology for providing print and PDF templates. In addition, this enables the individual design of evaluations and reports. In order to comply with the changed legal situation regarding the processing of personal data, sellify has furthermore been extended to include DSGVO-compliant data storage and process support for GDPR requests for personal data.


Mailchimp interface and new planning function

New brochures, product sheets and finally a new sellify logo now complete the overall picture of the modern and innovative software. In addition, sellify has been enhanced with useful features, such as the integration of sellify reminders into the Windows Notification Center and a mailchimp integration for executing and tracking e-marketing campaigns, as well as a planning function for sales targets and a documentation guide for preparing and following up appointments.

business//acts in figures.

  1. Specialist for crm-software solutions for the organization of communication, document and process management since 2005.

  2. More than 100 customers with long-term loyality.

  3. Hundreds of customer projects for flexible & scalable business solutions.

  4. 220m² loft-like creative space for our team.

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