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Das Bild zeigt den Oberkörper eines Mannes im Anzug, der eine Hand ausstreckt. Darüber mehrere Würfel. In einem davon, in der Mitte des Bildes, ist das sellify Delfin Icon zu sehen Das Bild zeigt den Oberkörper eines Mannes im Anzug, der eine Hand ausstreckt. Darüber mehrere Würfel. In einem davon, in der Mitte des Bildes, ist das sellify Delfin Icon zu sehen

The sellify functions.

The most important facts at a glance.

Software can be that simple.

sellify offers you the right function with variable application options for every challenge: Organize your communication with business partners. Get your sales department going. Structure your knowledge. Do all the typical tasks of everyday office life on the side. At the same time, sellify impresses with its particularly intuitive and simple operation. Everything you need is just a click away!

Organization professional!

The maintenance of your business contacts and customer relationships is essential for the success of your company. To ensure a smooth exchange of information in your daily work, sellify supports you in establishing a central and clear information and relationship management in your company. With sellify, you expand the digital knowledge around your prospects and customers day by day and can plan, control and lead your sales activities to the customer experience in an efficient and organized way.

Customer-oriented organization with sellify:

  • Central management of business contacts

  • GDPR compliant storage of personal data

  • Implementation of sales processes

  • Systematic recording and linking of all customer-related activities and documents

  • Calendar management with organization, delegation and tracking of tasks

  • Planning and implementation of sales activities and projects based on relevant information

  • Fast handling of service issues

  • Finding all information through full text search

Communication is everything!

Targeted and fast communication is a quality feature at all personal customer contact points such as sales and service, which positively influences customer satisfaction. In addition to business partners, employees also play an important role in communication. sellify supports you in communicating in a customer-oriented manner, in reacting immediately and professionally to events, and in quickly exchanging and archiving information internally.

Customer-oriented communication with sellify:

  • Linking of the telephone system with sellify for caller identification
  • Clear and comprehensive display of all relevant information during the call
  • Uniform design and use of document templates and conversation guides
  • E-mail dispatch with preconfigured texts and attachments
  • Integrated Outlook e-mail archiving with sender identification

Optimal workflows!

An efficient coordination of your workflows is decisive for your employees' performance,  your reaction speed to latest trends and therefore for your business partners satisfaction.

Optimize business processes, link different software systems transparently and bring them to the samel level or automate selected jobs - with sellify this is done easily.

Workflow management with sellify:

  • Work collaboratively through delegation and tracking of tasks, group work baskets, and centralized archiving
  • Creation and use of sales pipelines
  • Integration of company-wide systems, templates (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF) and network drives
  • Automation of recurring processes
  • Automatic creation of reports and easy sending via e-mail

It's your turn!

sellify ensures target-oriented sales processes and corporate strategies. Thanks to the unlimited analysis functions, you can create and view performance-oriented evaluations, monitor developments and forecasts, identify opportunities and trends, and avoid risks at any time. And all this with simple and intuitive operation.

Analysis and controlling with sellify:

  • Manual and automatic report preparation via integration of List and Label or Crystal Reports
  • Individual Dashboards, prepared visually and interactively
  • Ad-hoc-search queries, centrally organised administration of search templates
  • Save personal search templates as favorite 
  • Organize search results and use them as base for campaigns

Documents under control!

An efficient document management facilitates the processes in your company. sellify enables you to file documents digitally, administrate them, assign them to other systems and retrieve them without a loss of time through intelligent links. Documents are archived securely, information is available quicker and a high data volume can be illustrated, linked and analyzed clearly.

More about document management

Manage documents with sellify

  • Easily organize and find documents

  • Central storage and convenient distribution

  • Type-specific document management

  • Company-wide and transparent accessibility

  • Electronic, legally compliant and audit-proof document archiving

Your office to-go!

sellify provides you with mobility within your daily business. You are able to access your data at every place and every time. In the home office or at an out-of-office meeting, for engineers, drivers or sales representatives - with sellify you are able to work flexibly and indepently on the move.

Working on the move with sellify:

  • Fully comprehensive work outside the office - on and offline
  • Perfect support for your field staff
  • Data synchronization in real time
  • Automatic synchronization between Outlook and sellify, e.g. for appointments and tasks
  • No cloud services necessary (but available on request)
  • Optimization of internal and external collaboration


  • Planning-function
  • Sales opportunity review
  • Evaluation of documentation guidelines
  • Group work basket
  • Quotation configurator
  • Personal signature as a variable for document and e-mail templates
  • PDF conversion and attachment management
  • Full text search

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