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Das Bild zeigt einen die sellify Benutzeroberfläche auf einem Laptop. Das Bild zeigt einen die sellify Benutzeroberfläche auf einem Laptop.

sellify documentation guidelines

Freely definable and evaluable fields

Documentation made simple!

With predefined guidelines, which are compiled from various field sets, your employees document all activities in a uniform manner. The individual fields can also be evaluated in order to derive appropriate actions.

In the following, we have compiled possible application examples for you:

Phone call (incoming)

  • Reason for call: Enter the reason for the call as a "multiple selection".
  • Subject: In a "Text field (multiple lines)" you can record further details about the subject of the call.
  • Internal contact person: If the call is received at the switchboard or the caller does not know the correct internal contact person, this can be stored in the documentation guide.
  • Result/ to-do: In the "Text field (multiline)" you can document the result of the call and what the next steps are.

Phone acquisition

  • Contact type: Record the contact type of the call participant as a "single selection", e.g. lead, prospect or existing customer.
  • Topic: The topic can be documented as a "multiple selection". You can use the "Comment" function to provide further details on this.
  • Product interest: Also store this via a "multiple selection".
  • Budget: The "Amount" field type is available for values.
  • Deadline: you can enter data as a "time specification".
  • Next steps: These can be documented individually in a "Text field (multiline)".


Project tasks

  • To-Do: Record tasks for the project as multiple selections, with a specific comment if desired.
  • Result: Use a text field of the same type to subsequently record the result or intermediate status.
  • Next steps: Here again the "Text field (multiline)" is available for detailed information.

Task (group work basket)

  • Status: enter statuses for tasks as "single selection", e.g. "To-Do", "waiting for feedback" or "need for coordination".
  • Description: via a "text field (multiline)" you can define a detailed task description

Customer visit

  • Contact type: Enter the contact type again via a "single selection".
  • Reason for visit: Different reasons can be stored as a "multiple selection".
  • Agenda: Document a visit-specific agenda in a "Text field (multiple lines)".
  • Product interest: A "multiple selection" is also suitable here.
  • Agreements: Customer-specific agreements discussed in the appointment can again be recorded in a "Text field (multiple lines)".
  • Next steps: To-dos from the appointment can also be documented in a "Text field (multiple lines)".

Sales meeting

  • Goals: Provide goals for the meeting in a "text box (multi-line)".
  • Agenda items: The "Text field (multiline)" also fits here to capture topics relevant to the meeting.
  • Action points: Additional individual tasks from the appointment are also documented in a "Text field (multiline)".

Follow-up activities from meeting can be created directly from the document dialog.