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Das Bild zeigt den Gang des hellen, loftartigen business//acts Bürogebäudes. Im Vordergrund steht eine Skulptur von zwei Menschen mit Aktenkoffern, die sich die Hand reichen Das Bild zeigt den Gang des hellen, loftartigen business//acts Bürogebäudes. Im Vordergrund steht eine Skulptur von zwei Menschen mit Aktenkoffern, die sich die Hand reichen

The strong partners of business//acts GmbH.

We cooperate - you profit.

Together for your business.

Together with our numerous business partners, we make your sellify experience even better. Our synergies range from interfaces for integrating various IT management solutions to mobile applications and advantageous financing models for your individual sellify solution. Thanks to the close cooperation with our partners, we can provide you with the optimal software solution for contact and document management at any time and ensure you a lasting competitive advantage.

abcfinance - our financial partner.

As a long-term customer of business//acts, abcfinance offers not only flexible financing models for nearly every corporate division but also supports you in financing your sellify solution.

Following a good business idea, liquidity is the most important factor for the success of a company. And this is exactly where the bank and manufacturer-independent financing options from abcfinance  come in. Every industry has its own characteristics. Off-the-peg financing is often not the optimal solution.

Therefore, abcfinance develops leasing and factoring models, that take the different requirements of individual industries into account. The aim is to offer each customer the financing solution that fits his company, his industry and his customers best. abcfinance offers different financing models for your sellify solution.


  • Leasing for companies, their customers and private individuals
  • Full & part amortization contracts
  • Terminable leasing contract
  • ValueFlex & IT Flex contracts
  • Framework agreement
  • StepInvest
  • Hire purchase
  • Cut-out factoring
  • Single factoring 
  • Reverse-Factoring
  • Silent debt financing
  • Fastfactoring

Sharp - our partner for networked 360° office solutions

Connect, cooperate, communicate - with sellify//easyScan by business//acts and Sharp.

For over 100 years, Sharp has been inventing unique products and solutions, whether individual products or integrated complete solutions, which enable people to stay connected easily and give free rein to their creativity. Thanks to "My Integrated Office" (MiO), the integrated 360° approach, Sharp offers the right solution for every need. With this perfect platform, Sharp helps its customers to create, manage, visualise and exchange company-wide information.

The industry-leading multifunctional systems (MFPs) form the core of integrated applications for digital transformation. Sharp's proprietary Open Systems Architecture (OSA) technology turns MFPs into powerful information portals that integrate seamlessly with cloud and other enterprise applications. The unique MiO concept is completed by the wide range of digital signage solutions such as professional monitors and interactive touch screens for impressive entertainment experiences and captivating presentations.

For further information please visit the homepage of our partner: www.sharp.uk.

windream - our partner for an efficient ECM-system

Every document of your contacts at a glance - without double storage. "CRM Connect for windream" connects your windream ECM with sellify.

windream GmbH develops and distributes the windream ECM-system. windream GmbH currently employs 100 people and supports a network of about 250 distribution, integration and cooperation partners throughout Europe, the USA, South America, Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand. International enterprises such as Babcock Noell, Deutz AG, the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Traffic Control), Swisscom, Koenig & Bauer and Deutsche BKK are included among the company's customers.

For further information please visit the homepage of our partner: www.windream.com.

Codeless Platforms - our partner for BPM-Software

Automated notifications, data exchange and regular reports - this and much more you get with sellify//automationServer by business//acts and Codeless Platforms.

Founded in 1999, Codeless Platforms was one of the first software houses to author business process automation (BPA) software specifically for SMEs. It is now leading the way in the delivery of rapid application development. With over 450 global partners, more than 7500 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise. For more information, please visit www.codelessplatforms.com.

One Click Solutions - our Partner for BPM SoftwareCapturing, ECM, Workflow, EIM and integrated Solutions

One Click Solutions is a product and solution provider for the entire input management. With their products AutoClick for document capture and ClickPost for incoming mail solutions, they digitize and automate a wide variety of manually recurring activities in administrative processes. This allows daily incoming mail, regardless of whether it is delivered electronically or in the mailbox, to be automatically read, validated and classified based on the content, and the information to be processed in sellify.

More than 400 companies use One Click Solutions' services to reduce the daily workload of processing incoming mail to a minimum. These customers include international corporations, medium-sized companies, municipalities, social institutions and associations from all industries. Siemens, DATEV, TEDi, Merzenich bakeries, the city of Offenbach or Caritas Warendorf are just a few prominent examples. For further information please visit directly the homepage of our partner: www.oneclicksolutions.de.


BRICKMAKERS – our Partner for tailor-made phone-apps

sellify for your mobile or your tablet - no problem with our partner Brickmakers.

As an agency for digitization, BRICKMAKERS develops new digital products and business models for a wide range of industries and requirements on behalf of its clients. By using state-of-the-art technologies, the agency has been supporting its clients in their transformation to digital companies since 2010. The agile way of working and the interdisciplinary teams contribute to the fact that the agency can react flexibly to the respective customer requirements.

The aim is to support them over the years in a spirit of partnership, to secure competitive advantages and to improve their position in the market in the long term. BRICKMAKERS' work is based on five central leitmotifs and ensures a fruitful partnership and high-quality work results: partnership, agility, innovation, quality and passion & curiosity. BRICKMAKERS can contribute its experience in the entire life cycle of digital products, from comprehensive consulting, concept and UX/UI design to the development and operation of the desired application. The individual applications are not considered separately, but rather mobile, web, classic enterprise applications as well as cloud and IoT developments are combined with each other to provide the user with the best holistic solution.